skelegro-webpolyjuice-webI mentioned that I might throw in some seasonal décor and craft ideas on the blog, so here we go!

A couple of years ago I found an idea on Pinterest for making your own Halloween potion book decorations. However, the blog that posted it (and I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw it) didn’t provide the pages for printing. I searched elsewhere and couldn’t find anything I liked. I have a graphic design background, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I searched for royalty free images and wording for a couple of potions. I settled on Skele-Gro and Polyjuice. Any Harry Potter fans out there? After a couple of hours of agonizing over every detail, I had a finished product. And that’s what I’m sharing with you today.

potion bookHow to make your own Harry Potter Potions Book

  1. I have added PDFs of the potions pages to my Etsy shop. Two bucks will get you a copy of each page. Head on over and download them: Harry Potter Potions Book Pages. Use white paper for printing, as the weathered parchment background is part of the image that will print. Oh, and try to find printer paper that is the same or similar weight to your book pages.
  2. My family are big HP fans, so we had extra copies of the hard cover books in the house. If you don’t have an extra and don’t want to defile your beloved copy, check out a thrift store and you’ll probably find one at a great price. You need the hard cover, though, because these pages are made for those dimensions. If you have another book with pages that are 5×7 in x 9 in, you can absolutely go with that.
  3. After downloading and printing the images, trim the edges and be sure to be accurate. We don’t want white around the edges.
  4. Put glue on the part of the page that will go inside close to the spine. You can glue the whole thing to an existing page, but I just added mine in as stand alone pages.
  5. For an antique effect, take a pencil and curl up the bottom edges of the pages, and take a few of the original book pages as well. Then, take a sponge or sponge brush and furniture polish and color the outside edges of the book pages. You can go as dark or light as you like with this. I even splashed the pages with a little water, which made some awesome discolorations.
  6. Lastly, cut a piece of ribbon just a little longer than the book. Using hot glue, glue the top end of the ribbon into the top of the book spine. It’s ok if it doesn’t go in too far, because most people will be looking at the pages anyway.

And there you have it! Your own Harry Potter Potions Book for Halloween. Put it on your mantel and your friends will marvel at your creativity.

halloween mantel

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